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Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that every individual has unique strengths and talents waiting to be unleashed. We follow a client-centered approach, tailoring our coaching and learning programs to meet the specific needs and goals of each individual or organization we work with. We strongly believe in the power of experiential learning, which enables participants to learn through action, reflection, and application in real-world scenarios.


Our vision is to create a world where individuals and organizations thrive by maximizing their potential, fostering inclusive leadership, and embracing continuous growth. We envision a future where our clients are empowered to overcome challenges, develop self-awareness, build meaningful connections, and drive positive change in their personal and professional lives.


Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals and organizations to achieve extraordinary results through executive coaching and experiential learning. We are committed to providing high-quality, impactful, and personalized coaching and learning experiences that drive sustainable change, cultivate leadership skills, and promote a culture of learning and innovation.

Our Core Values

Integrity is the foundation of our firm. We uphold the highest ethical standards, operating with honesty, transparency, and respect in all our interactions. We maintain confidentiality, honor commitments, and act in the best interests of our clients and the organizations we serve. Trust and integrity are at the core of our relationships, and we strive to build lasting partnerships based on mutual respect and trust.
We embrace a spirit of innovation and encourage creative thinking. We believe that innovation is essential for growth and progress. We continuously explore new approaches, methodologies, and technologies to enhance our coaching and experiential learning programs. We encourage our clients and team members to think outside the box, challenge the status quo, and embrace new ideas to drive continuous improvement and stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.
 We believe in the power of collaboration and the synergy it creates. We foster a collaborative environment where our team members, clients, and stakeholders work together towards shared goals. We value diverse perspectives, encourage open communication, and actively seek opportunities to collaborate, leveraging the collective wisdom and expertise of all involved.
We strive for excellence in everything we do. We are committed to delivering high-quality services, exceeding expectations, and continuously improving our skills and knowledge. We pursue excellence as a standard, not just a goal, and hold ourselves accountable for achieving exceptional results.

Our Coaches

Mayur Kalra

Aditi Sheoran

Prasad Palav

Nilima Narang

Johny Joseph

Snehal Ponde

Devarajan Iyer

Sruthi Venkatramani

Subramani B.


Mayur had coached me in my leadership journey at Bizongo. Mayur brings an amazing mix of reflecting on leadership practices at a macro level as well as getting into the details and pushing me when needed. I have had the chance to build several systems to improve my skills on a daily basis. I highly recommend Mayur for someone who is going through a big transformation in their life right now.

Sachin Santhosh Building a Health Tech Business

Mayur had coached me in my transition from Individual Contributor to being a Leader at Groww. He is very good at understanding people and situations. He enabled my coaching in a very customized way which fits my role and organizational needs also provided me with frameworks and tools which helped me in structured planning and reflection, also I learned a lot of things that might have taken me 2-5 years if not guided by Mayur to learn by my own.I would highly recommend Mayur as your coach if you want to enhance or leadership capabilities.

Bhavesh Goyal Engineering , Groww

I got a chance to get coached in 8 sessions with Aditi, and I am very happy that my organization invested in me in the form of this coaching. I think I extracted the sessions to its fullest, and was able to gather as much as I can from these conversations. Aditi acted as a very good sounding board, and confronted with me some real tough questions, reflecting on which opened many new perspectives for me. Aditi also shared plethora of resources with me, and thus I have enough learning sources in front of meAditi was full of knowledge and she knew what she was talking about. This was a great experience for me, and I loved it because it not only gave me long term “slow” resources, but also many immediate quick tools that I already started using and started receiving the benefit.

Vikas Prasad Fyle

Consider yourselves lucky if Johny agrees to coach you - for he brings a refreshing cocktail of wit, wisdom and self restraint, fine-tuned by profound life experiences. His questions are often simple, straight and come with NO judgement. Yet, they evoke responses from the gut leaving you with greater self awareness. The more you explore, the more he gives. With Johny, you make real progress towards your goal. All along, his commitment to both coaching & the coachee is inspirational.I’ve benefited from Johny’s expertise both at IBM & Amazon and it’s been a rewarding experience personally too. A Master-at-his-Trade he surely is!

K Subramaniyan Sr. HR Director at Ola Electric

Johny is a great coach. When we sit down and talk, I can feel his 100% present with me. He observe carefully what my mind says and what my body says. His questions to me sometimes just light up a new way to see where I want to go. I feel much more confident every time after talking to him. He never push his own beliefs on me so I totally know every decision I make is from me. I feel congruent with it and I don’t hesitate to go to the direction I choose. With his help, my progress is much faster. It saves me a lot of time. Time is much worth than money in my opinion. If you are like me and you are looking for a fast progress of whatever your goal is, I’m sure you will like Coach Johny K Joseph

Yi Zhang Client

Mentoring/Coaching a person is not a job for Johny; it is his passion. The kind of energy & positivity Johny carries and passes on to the person in his sessions are just "next level". What I mostly get out of Johny's sessions is that feeling where you have the determination and support from "yourself" to do something that you thought wouldn't be able to accomplish. I've had multiple situations where Johny's "little tips" worked out very well. When you hear those tips from Johny, you'll feel like these are silly things. But those will be the silly things we miss out when we're in a tough situation. The main reason why we would remember those "little tips" is that Johny brings out the majority of them from ourselves. He will make us answer the questions we had ourselves. That's BRILLIANT! Most of my sessions with Johny were self-realizing ones. And that's what you need the most in some situations; the confidence that you're capable of doing it.And Johny continued delivering that confidence and satisfaction!

Mohammed Shabeeb Client

Mayur is one of the most passionate, insightful, honest and a very intuitive development facilitator. He very smoothly changes the hats from being a facilitator to a mentor, to a Life and Leadership coach. He is a great empathetic listener and a very impactful speaker.

Ritu Arora Training Head – CE&A, Spectra

“The benefits I experienced with Mayur as my Coach were immense. His questioning skills have helped me to dust off a lot from my cognitive skills. He has helped me, learn to navigate through various emotional hurdles when taking the most rational decisions. His way of coaching is impactful. His demeanour is friendly but approach very professional. He has helped me to get a lot out of me, which I never believed existed. I positively recommend Mayur.”

Asim Afsar Country Manager, Hansgrohe

Prasad is a very sincere person. He constantly improves himself and endeavours to bring transformation in lives of people by closely working with them. He helps them explore their innerself and metamorph the possibilities into realities. This is something that can't be expressed but experienced. I am glad to have coached by Prasad and undergone the journey from possibilities to realitie

Tanmay Ayare Senior Director - Global Marketing and Communications

Our Team